PowerAmp™ Coaching

Combining the power of individual coaching with AI technology.

PowerAmp™ Coaching Brings Talent Development to the Next Level with:

  • 24/7 – 365 Accessibility for Clients and Participants
  • Configurable with customized content to provide a look, feel, and messaging familiar to your team.
  • Scalable to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes. From one individual to teams to groups of over 1000.
  • Scientifically proven and validated methodology ensure that all activities are grounded in logic and result in marked improvements.
  • Cutting edge artificial intelligence gives each participant daily guidance to continue improving and helps coaches and stakeholders identify which participants need additional support.
  • 18 Dimensions of Development allow participants to identify and target those areas that will most markedly improve their performance.

Equip Your Talent with Insights on their Growth and Development.

Systematic Process - From Insights to Integration

PowerAmp™ Coaching solves what has historically been the most difficult employee development problems faced by many organizations.


Of companies miss the mark on high managerial talent in their hiring decisions.


Of employees feel their skills and talents are under-utilized.

High touch meets high tech.

There is no other solution available that combines the power of our experienced, certified coaches, amplified by science and technology. This novel approach will bring the tangible benefits of coaching to all segments of your organization, identify individuals who have the greatest potential to drive successful outcomes, identify and include diverse segments of your organization, advance the progress and practice of development between formal sessions, measure tangible ROI, and reduce risk in your talent development investment.

“I see LeaderAmp’s technology as our secret weapon and a big differentiator over other coaching and team development practices in large organizations.”

Nathalie Salles-Olivier

Global Head of Live Learning | Facebook

PowerAmp™ Coaching Can Help

An Industry Leading Professional Development Solution. PowerAmp™ Coaching combines the expertise of proven coaches with the tracking and guidance of custom built and validated artificial intelligence.

Accessible, Scalable, Quality Coaching

For highly effective and affordable coaching, Certified LeaderAmp Method coaches augment their coaching with science, and award-winning AI, producing 5% to 20% gains every quarter.

Coach Productivity & Performance Engineering

AI Coaching solution that supports on-the-job application of new skills to individual’s jobs.

Coaching Evaluation

The Coaching Outcome Measure measures the long-term, sustainable impact of coaching. It is now an international gold standard to evaluate coaching engagements and coaches.

Unbiased High Potential Identification

An ideal way to quickly and inexpensively find the most coachable individuals who demonstrate their willingness to practice with AI before winning access to a coach or other formal learning resources (via our innovative “Time Trial”).

Risk Management

Our dashboards for program managers, coach managers, coaches and participants give 100% visibility to the global coaching risks across programs, levels, coaches and clients.

Award-Winning AI

Deep expertise in organizational psychology, HR, coaching, mobile application development, and AI research to the task of optimizing leadership development. Our AI is explainable, and unbiased by using our unique psychometric quality assurance techniques.

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